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  • June 22nd, 2013
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200hr & 500hr Fusion Teacher Trainings All Over The World

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Welcome to Shiva’s evolutionary 200/500-hour yoga teacher training program offering a certification program that merges the great rivers of Tantra, Yoga and Ayurveda for embodied, ecstatic living. This creative, synthesis-oriented program, is for the self-motivated yoga practitioners who want to evolve and integrate the diversity of their life experience under the Great Tree of Yoga.

We empower teachers with a broad and deep base of Vinyasa Flow to live and teach the flow of Prana Flow® Yoga. The entire program offers teachers a base of over 20 sun salutations and 15 Prana Flow® series that encompass the full range of yogic experience from meditation to advanced asanas to service in the world

Our unique program offers a dynamic, integrative approach to the art of living and embodying yoga. In addition to completing contact hours with our faculty we have also created innovative, heart inspiring “Om Work” to inspire your learning.

Our emphasis is on practical and experiential studies that are transformative, inspiring, and in rhythm with the realities of our lives as householders and teachers. We seek the balance of being a grounding force for teachers to develop a body of integrated knowledge while leaving freedom for each teacher to follow their own path of evolution as they continue their studies with Shiva and other teachers.

Our program is open to Yoga students with at least one year of active study in asana-based Yoga practices.

General Overview

We have three basic tracks of certification:

  1. 200-hour track offering foundational teaching of Prana Flow® Yoga and embodiment.
  2. 300-hour track allowing students from other Yoga schools and lineages to join our teacher studies program
  3. 500-hour track is an in-depth offering of Prana Flow® Yoga and various electives to deepen your understanding and integration.

Teacher Training modules are offered in various locations throughout the year encompassing over 5 continents! You have the opportunity to study with Shiva and faculty throughout the year at various locations and events ranging from intensives to conferences to retreats. Most of our teacher intensives are offered both on the East and West coast of the US along with Kerala, India.

Our unique 300/500 hour program offers a unique, modular format of training and experiences. Along with Shiva Rea and honorary guest teachers (masters in their field) offer teachings in Ayurveda, Kashmir Shavism, Embodied Anatomy, Mystic Studies, and Sacred Activism.

Upon completion of required contact hours, projects and readings you will have experienced and learned:


  • A grounding in the Great Tree of Yoga
  • The Tantric roots of Hatha Yoga
  • Krishnamacharya’s Vinyasa Krama
  • Ayurveda
  • Development of a life-long relationship to the classic texts of yoga and contemporary readings to illumine the path (reading projects)
  • Understanding of the yogic cosmology of the embodiment and the union of the self with the macrocosm
  • Integration of personal connection (ishta devata) to the Source within the universal path of yoga.

Ability to teach a broad spectrum of 20 sun salutations with different bhavanas (feeling state), and energetic functions including classical surya namaskars, Chandra namaskar, Shiva’s dancing warrior sequences, mandala (circular) namaskars, chakra namaskars.

20 different Flow Series (beginner to intermediate) with different energetic intentions to serve as a template for developing your own sequences for individual and group classes

Cultivation of the ritual arc of a Prana Flow class with opening chants, movement meditations and music flow

Shiva’s wave theory of sequencing and multi-dimensional sequencing understanding of the health of the fluid-pranic body

Skill of seeing, relating and interpreting the imbalances in all levels of embodiment|

Skill in hands-on enhancements for primary poses and intermediate asanas

Practical knowledge of the energetic alignment of the mandala of asanas (108 primary poses and variations) along with vinyasa kramas (stages) of their evolution to adapt to different levels, needs and functions movement meditations to open class

Base of Sanskrit pronunciation of the mandala of asanas (108) and universal chants of yoga

Living Yoga

Cultivation of one’s evolutionary edge in embodying yoga through a vinyasa of your own asana practice (peak poses and creative approaches)

Deepening connection to the flow of living yoga with harmonious sadhana of prana flow, meditation, Ayurveda and shakti bhakti – the continuous guidance of the flow of shakti

Creative relationship to living yoga – micro-meditations, radiant heart, bodily intelligence, resonance with all relationships, spontaneous recognition, and healing samskaras (patterns)

Cultivation of rasa and living Ayurveda: understanding of your dosha, life-rhythms, path of rejuvenation

Development of individual sva dharma project (creative, service, & manifestation)

Joy, intrinsic happiness, love of the source, awakening your dance with life.

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