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200hr Hatha & Vinyasa Teacher Training In India & Croatia

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Upcoming Dates

1) March 29 – April 23 2014, Himalayas
2) April 27 – May 22 2014, Himalayas
3) May 28 – June 21 2014, Croatia
4) September 17 – October 11 2014, Himalayas
5) October 15 – November 8 2014, Himalayas


Our teacher training course is an unforgettable experience of a lifetime.

The courses are of outstanding quality, marked by excellence and attention to detail. They are the most thorough and comprehensive ones you will find, while allowing you to experiment within your own body, mind and spirit and experience the incredible transformation initiated by the practices for yourself. Expect to discover new realms beyond your limited sense of self and find a love and joy never felt before. Expect an adventurous journey into your inner being.

The training offers a profound, life-changing, and transformative experience while at the same time delivering a high-level technical skill set and cutting-edge anatomical education.

At the end of the training you will be centred, calm, superbly inspired, beaming with joy and empowered to skilfully guide others into the sacred landscape of their bodies, minds, and hearts, and teach powerful, uplifting, and intelligent classes infused with joy.

The mission of the Himalayan Yoga Institute is to assist you in becoming a highly competent, inspiring, ethical and spiritually evolved yoga teacher, who will be of service to individuals from all walks of life and who will teach the practices with an open heart facilitating deep physical, emotional and spiritual healing within yourself and your students.

One of the foremost aims of the Institute is to contribute to the development of a new society, based on kindness, compassion, justice and love.

The founder and director of the Himalayan Yoga Institute, Ganga Devi, with 25 years of practice and teaching experience, is a master teacher of the highest level (E-RYT 500). Ganga has personally crafted the course syllabus with great care and has selected inspiring locations of breathtaking scenery for the training courses.

The courses are offered in stunningly beautiful natural settings, nurturing the soul and providing the peace and harmony so sorely needed during this special time dedicated to your inner development and the blossoming into a teacher and guide.

Here is what some of our students say about their experience:

“….the most excellent, comprehensive, well-structured and informative training I could have ever hoped for. It was packed with great tips on teaching and personal yoga practice – Ganga shared with us real gems of wisdom and insight.” Paul Cockitt, UK

“To be taught by Ganga was an absolute honour. I have never met anyone else with so much passion, wisdom, experience and knowledge – all combined in one person.” Gabriele Hohenfels, Germany

“I keep thanking the heavens for sending a teacher like Ganga my way, whose mentoring, guidance and care is ongoing and truly inspirational.” Renata Prezzi, Italy


About Himalayan Yoga Institute International Teacher Training Courses

Our yoga teacher training intensive is a unique, profoundly transforming and personal experience designed according to the ancient gurukula educational system which integrates your daily life and personal practice into the yoga training. For 3 intense weeks of ashram living, you will strengthen your own yoga practice through self-discipline and probing into the nature of mind, body and spirit. You will also build a firm foundation which will enable you to teach others intuitively and with great confidence.

Topics covered in the Training Course:

Contemporary Yoga and Yoga Styles

  • A Contemporary Approach to Yoga
  • Dynamic Vinyasa Flow/Hatha/ Ashtanga Raja Dhiraja/Restorative
  • The Impact of Yoga on Modern Society

The Teacher and the Business of Teaching

  • Secrets to Becoming an Exceptional Yoga Instructor
  • How to set up Classes
  • How to set up a Successful Yoga Teaching Business
  • How to Establish a Powerful Personal Practice Routine

Yogic Lifestyle

  • Yogic Nutrition and Principles of Ayurveda
  • Suggestions for a Yogic Lifestlyle
  • Yogic Health Secrets


  • Sun Salutations (3 variations)
  • Asanas and Basic Principles of Alignment
  • The Benefits and Hidden Effects of Asanas
  • Precautions and Contraindications for each Asana
  • Modifications of Asanas Applicable to Various Levels and Injuries

Yogic Practices

  • Breathing Exercises and Pranayama
  • Prana and the Ten Vayus
  • Kriyas – Yogic Cleansing and Detoxification Techniques
  • Bandhas & Mudras and How they Effect the Nerves & Glands
  • Yoga Nidra – the Art of Relaxation
  • Yogic Self-Massage

The Inner Body

  • Nadis: Subtle Energy Channels
  • The Seven Chakras and Five Koshas
  • Raising the Kundalini & Kundalini Yoga
  • Applied Anatomy and Physiology

Teaching Methodology

  • Principles of Great Sequencing
  • How to Prepare the Body through Warm-ups
  • How to Prepare Focused Classes and Lesson Plans
  • Principles of Demonstration, Observation, Assisting, and Class Instruction
  • Practice Teaching of Asanas, Meditation and Pranayama
  • Yoga for Seniors, Children and Pregnancy

Philosophy and History of Yoga and Tantra

  • Origin and History of Yoga
  • The Eight Limbs of Yoga and their evolution (with specific reference to Raja Dhiraja)
  • The Philosophy and Practices of Esoteric Tantra
  • Study of the Philosophy of Yoga and Ancient Texts (Bhagavad Gita)
  • Exploring Consciousness and Meditation
  • Essential Sanskrit Terms and Pronunciation
  • Jinana, Bhakti and Karma Yoga

Mantra, Music and Dance

  • The Science of Kirtan, Mantra and Chanting
  • Mandala Art and Nada Yoga (Yoga of Sound)
  • Indian Temple Dance in Yoga and Spirituality

You will finish the training:

  • Ready to teach an 8 week beginners course
  • Ready to teach a Dynamic Vinyasa Flow class
  • Ready to teach a Raja Dhiraja Ashtanga class
  • Ready to teach a Hatha class
  • Ready to teach meditation to beginners
  • With knowledge of the history and origins of yoga, yoga philosophy and theory
  • With fine-tuned teaching skills for a syllabus of over 70 asanas, pranayama, kriyas & more
  • Knowing how to align, adjust and support students and work with injuries
  • With tools for working within yourself in a spiritual process
  • With a deeper connection to your practice and how this informs your daily life

This extensive and inspirational yoga education is complemented by a mentoring system to help build self-confidence and assist you in facing the challenges that we all experience in life!

You can find the full teacher training curriculum by using this link


The Style Of Yoga

Our belief is that what makes a great yoga teacher is not only technical skill, but depth of personal experience. The practice of meditation is an important integral part of the training and transports the physical practice into the sublime spiritual dimension – the way yoga was originally conceived of.

We have developed a training that combines the distinctive and powerful Ashtanga Raja Dhiraja approach to Vinyasa Flow and Hatha with a curriculum grounded in self-discovery, which will bring you into your own unique and resonant depth.

We will provide you with the tools to teach the style of yoga that’s exactly right for you.

Perhaps you enjoy fast and flowing vinyasa-style yoga, perhaps you like to go slow and deep. We love all of it and believe it all has a place. We focus on the principles and provide you with the skills that allow you to experiment and grow as a teacher, responding to your students’ and your own development. At the same time we provide you with a variety of sequences that you can use whenever required. Underlying all of it is bringing mindfulness and presence to the work, which makes yoga the enlightening practice that it is.


Upcoming Yoga Teacher Training Diploma Courses

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May 28 – June 21 2014

himalayan yoga institute200 Hours, Yoga Alliance Approved Yoga Teacher Training

Isle of Losinj, Adriatic Sea, Croatia

The island of Losinj is the home of playful dolphins, pine forests, promenades, a profusion of fragrances and flavours. Its beauty will cast a spell on you whatever the season.
Losinj is the habitat of a large group of bottlenose dolphins in the Northern Adriatic, which is indicative of an exceptional level of purity of the sea.

A bewitching fusion of centuries-old pine forests and sea, Losinj is the ideal place for restoring the body and mind. This has been known from time immemorial.
The island has become a well-known climate and health resort across the world, particularly famous for its asthma and allergy curing properties.

The transparent blue and extremely clear and clean waters washing the beaches of Losinj are great for swimming and snorkelling. Or else you may enjoy a walk on the pathways and mountain trails laid out over five islands.

Our luxurious villa, only minutes away from the beach, is situated in a pine forest offering views of the sparking blue sea. It is spacious and full of light and the rooms are beautifully decorated. It has all modern amenities and is surrounded by lush, delightful gardens with an abundance of Mediterranean and subtropical plants and flowers. Yoga will be practiced outdoors on the largest of the four terraces.

The in-depth classes and wholesome yoga practice is complemented by the incredibly peaceful and healing atmosphere of the island. People who appreciate breathtaking sunsets and undefiled nature return again and again to this very special place. Accommodation is offered in a self-contained double bed studio-apartment and double bed rooms with en-suite or shared bathrooms. The vegetarian food is nutritious as well as delicious, drawing inspiration from the Croatian coastal diet which is one of the healthiest and most delicious in the world.

For more information please visit:


or email: info@himalayanyogainstitute.com


himalayan yoga institute200 hours, Yoga Alliance Approved Yoga Teacher Training

Kullu Valley, Western Himalayas, India

March 29 – April 23 2014
April 27 – May 22 2014
September 17 – October 11 2014
October 15 – November 8 2014

Kullu was once known as ‘Kulanthpitha’, which means “the end of the habitable world”. Beyond rose the forbidding heights of the Greater Himalayas, and by the banks of the shining river Beas, lay the fabled ‘Silver Valley’. Kullu boasts of an intricate web of numerous valleys – each of which is a visual delight and seems more beautiful than the other. The mountain scapes remain spectacular whether in brilliant sunshine or in the haze of the mist.

Our yoga ashram in Kullu Valley is a beautiful villa in the idyllic village Ropa, where the villagers, the animals and indigenous plants live together peacefully and harmoniously. The village is situated in a lovely, serene, self-contained valley surrounded by pine-studded mountains offering views of enchanting sunrises. Countless creeks and waterfalls are meandering through the village and it is a special delight to drink the refreshingly pure water from the mountain spring.

The guest rooms are spacious with large windows offering plenty of light and fresh air. Asana classes will be taught on the roof top with a 360 degree view of the magnificent Himalayan peaks.
The ashram kitchen provides carefully prepared lacto-vegetarian meals and snacks, which are moderately spiced, prepared by the local chef and his crew. They are served on our open-air terrace and enjoyed in the company of co-students.

For more information please visit:


or email: info@himalayanyogainstitute.com

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Yoga Teacher Training Fees + Online Application Forms

India Fees
Shared room (max. 5): $2200
Triple room: $2500
Double room: $3000
Rates valid until 1 December 2013
Deposit payment: $320
*US rate may vary depending on the exchange rate at the time of purchase
The outstanding balance is due 6 weeks prior to the beginning of the course.
Please use this link for the India Online Application Form
Croatia Fees
Double room: $4550
Rates valid until 1 December 2013
Deposit payment: $620
The outstanding balance is due 8 weeks prior to the beginning of the course.
*US rate may vary depending on the exchange rate at the time of purchase
Please, note that the deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable.

The course fee includes accommodation and meals, the teacher’s manual, examination fee, administrative costs and all the classes.

Airport transfers and excursion costs are not included. The Kriya kit is not included in the price. There will be an additional cost for the books from our reading list, which will cost you another $90.

It is recommended to purchase a travel health insurance policy through your travel agency.

To apply all you need to do is fill out the online application form for India or Croatia and pay the deposit.

Please use this link for the Croatia Online Application Form


Typical Day on the 200 Hour YTT

  • 06:00 Satsang (meditation, chanting, inspirational talk/lecture)
  • 08:00 Pranayama and Asanas
  • 09:45 Fruit and Tea
  • 10:15 Anatomy and Physiology/workshop/lecture
  • 11:15 Karma Yoga
  • 12:00 Lunch
  • 12.45 Main lecture (philosophy/theory/history)
  • 14:00 leisure/self-study
  • 16:00 Asanas and pranayama
  • 18:00 Satsang (meditation, kirtan, chanting)
  • 19:30 Dinner
  • 20:00 Free time and study
  • 22:00 Lights out

Activities and Excursions

One day per week is lecture-free to enjoy some leisure time and excursions specific to the area.

Optional Activities Include (depending on the location):

Hiking, biking, swimming, snorkelling, rafting, water sports and boating – rock climbing, winter sports and the hot springs. For the less active – you will also find shopping and tourist attractions.


Meet Our Wonderful Teachers

himalayan yoga instituteGanga Devi

Ganga has spent many years in India, devoting herself to the in-depth study of the physic-psycho-spiritual aspects of yoga and meditation, Eastern metaphysics, philosophy, Sanskrit, several living Indian languages, Indian classical music and dance.

Today she lives in London and devotes her time to serious seekers, advanced students as well as beginners. During the nineties she was the director of the yoga centre Ananda Dhiira in Northern California, USA, offering yoga to youth, adults and children and was involved in community service projects, teaching yoga to inmates. She has led yoga and meditation retreats, taught classes, workshops and seminars on yoga, diet and lifestyle in USA, India, Germany, Croatia and the UK for more than two decades. In 2007 she founded the Himalayan Yoga Institute, providing yoga education and yoga holidays in Europe and India all year round.

She adapts the style of yoga (Hatha, Vinyasa Flow, Restorative, Sivananda, Tantra Yoga) to individual needs and is also a successful spiritual life coach.

She is very well respected and sought after as a teacher and has developed a unique style of teaching which is the result of a wealth of knowledge and experience gained throughout many years of practice and teaching yoga to a variety of people with different needs and levels of ability. Her approach is down-to-earth while at the same time inspirational, uplifting and infused with bhakti.

In her own words:

“When I was introduced to the practices of meditation and yoga I embarked onto a marvellous and deeply revealing journey into my own Self. In the early years of my practice I experienced deep healing, beauty and grace. And a deep love for all awakened the desire within me to share this precious gift with others. Thus the desire to teach meditation and yoga was born.

My vast experience in meditation, yoga, the Indian arts and the opportunity to learn from genuine masters, have helped me to greatly deepen my practical as well as intuitive understanding of the art and science of yoga and the spiritual mysticism inherent in it.”

himalayan yoga instituteMarkus Rosbach

Markus Rosbach, also known as Dada Moksesh, has been practicing and teaching yoga and meditation for the past 30 years in various parts of the world. Originally from Germany, he studied yoga, philosophy and mysticism in Benares, India and has lived and taught in South Africa, Congo, Mexico, USA and Haiti. He started to practice yoga at a young age as a result of his deep interest in the higher, transcendental, dimensions of human life. His search for yogic wisdom culminated in the teachings of Raja Dhiraja Yoga based on esoteric Tantra which became his core study of oriental philosophy.

After completing his studies in India, he became a sannyasin and established a meditation and yoga centre in South Africa which included a free child care centre and a clinic where he taught classes and seminars for 4 years.

In 1990 he opened a meditation centre in Pennsylvania, USA near the Swami Rama ashram. That’s where he started his unique and popular “Yoga For Consciousness” weekend retreats for university students on a regular basis. After studying with the Mankind Foundation and the Landmark Forum he greatly expanded his repertoire of activities into “Yoga For Youth” camps and later the “Spiritual Warrior Training” program for youth and adults.

He learnt Spanish in the picturesque country of Mexico where he was responsible for a yoga centre in Cuernavaca. Subsequently he went on to work in Haiti and to run a development program for the disaster relief organisation AMURT and started to provide “Yoga For Stress Reduction” programs for social service volunteers in Haiti.

Removing complexes and irrational fears is his special domain, by helping people to realise their unique qualities and transform their weaknesses into strengths in adventure environments. This he skilfully applies during the yoga teacher training helping future yoga teachers to become grounded, confident and fearless.

Shivanii HeadshotSian Alcock – Shivanii

Sian Alcock has been travelling the Globe on her Spiritual Journey for over 20 years.  Her deep love of the Science, Art & Beauty of Yoga lead her to dedicate her life to its exploration, almost 30 years ago. As a Yogic Nun she ran numerous educational projects to nurture wellbeing in communities around the World from America & Europe, India and the Far East to South America . She has been a yoga teacher since 1991 and a Yoga teacher trainer, mentor and coach since 2006. She is a registered ERYT 500 with Yoga Alliance. She has worked extensively as an Ananda Marga Yoga Teacher Trainer on courses in the US, Mexico and several European countries.
Her unique experiences in life encompass many facets including Meditation, Healing, Life coaching, Singer/Songwriting & Dance and she is dedicated to helping people create the lives that they truly love.
Working Internationally with Children, Young People and Adults as well as in the in the Local Community, Sian has established a practice firmly rooted in physical, spiritual & emotional well being which has helped and nurtured the many whose lives she has touched.
Sian has recently returned from her many travels to her Island Home of Portland in Dorset and has been working with Children and Older people, running Yoga classes, Retreats and Courses on healthy living. She has been lovingly gathering a collection of the songs that she created on her journey and has just recorded her 1st CD in Austria, which is due for release in January 2014.
“After many years of globe trotting, my heart yearned to be back on the shores of my birth and so I returned, to these Sacred Shores, to continue my journey and share of my gifts and wisdom with those I meet along the path ….My years away were deeply fulfilling and meaningful, with so much opportunity to serve and give with endless grace and beauty… I so relish being “home” in this new phase of my life and look forward to sharing with you as the adventure continues to unfold, on the sacred shores of our souls… and may we all find beauty, harmony and the joy of being fully who we are in this life… discovering our dance and dancing our dreams…”

A specialist in the Yogic Field, Sian is also a Master Reiki Practitioner, an Erickson Certified Life Coach, a mediator, an NLP Practitioner & a Yumeiho Therapist.

Tanja Nikolich – Tarini

TanjaTarini is a Rajadiraja yoga teacher, and founder of the first school of yoga in the archipelago country of Cape Verde, Africa.

With a masters degree in languages and literature from the University of Padua, Italy, she is fluent in many foreign languages, versed in analysis and writing, and enthusiastic about holistic philosophies. In 2009, she moved with her family to Sal, Cape Verde, where she initially worked as a manager and guest assistant in a hotel, developing further her proficiency in communication, reliability, tutorship and interpersonal relationships. However, after having completed the Yoga Teacher Training Course at the Himalayan Yoga Institute, she decided to dedicate herself exclusively to the instruction of yoga and meditation on Sal Island where she is happy to be of service to both its holidaymakers, as well as its multicultural resident and native communities.

In her own words:

“For me yoga is most appropriate tool to deal with a myriad of issues and questions that can arise in human life. Once, while in the midst of a Surya Namaskar sequence, a very sudden and intimate question arose in my mind: why am I doing yoga? I knew that for me it was not for the perfection of either body or postures. Why then? Why working out so hard? The answer is simply a feeling of surrender that urges me to move beyond the limitations of my mind. During that time I was training intensely with my teacher, and started realizing that for me yoga was a practice of becoming pliant in relationship to that all-encompassing abundant Love which I was receiving back as a living teaching. In the dynamics of mutual giving and accepting, I was able to assimilate the true yoga in a genuine way. Moreover, that inner critical moment of spontaneous self-enquiry, that challenge, was also a catalyst to transform my life by committing to a thorough system of physical and spiritual practices in a sincere way, making them ever since a part of my day-to-day life.

BrooksBrooks Wilson – Bhaktimaya

Born and raised in Tamarindo Beach, Costa Rica, Brooks grew up outdoors climbing mango trees, hand line fishing, life guarding, playing soccer, baseball and surfing.  For seven years she represented Costa Rica in surfing championships around the world while earning her bachelor degree from UCR and discovering yoga.

After 10 years of disciplined yoga practice, Brooks traveled to the Indian Himalayas to become a Yoga Alliance certified instructor in order to take her personal practice to another level. After concluding her teacher training of Rajadhiraja Yoga she was overcome by a need to share her learning with the world and the community she grew up in and began teaching in Costa Rica.  In addition to her community work she is still a world class surfer and applies her athletic technical skills to her Yoga teachings.

“Yoga is for everyone and it makes you feel better about yourself…love at heart, peace at mind, and freedom of the soul.  If I can help people feel good and leave class with a smile and internal serenity by connecting with that source of greatness within us all. This to me is the greatest gift of all.”

AdrianAdrian Drempetich

Entrepreneur, public speaker, psychologist, life-coach, creative innovator, CEO of two educational companies. Adrian Drempetich earned his masters degree in psychology at the University of Zagreb in Croatia.

As an expert and consultant in the area of human potential development he had the opportunity to implement numerous HRD projects for leading companies in Austria, Croatia, Bosnia and Hercegovina and Serbia like Siemens, Raiffeisen International, Societe Generalle, T-Mobile and many more. His experience and exciting seminars on leadership, communication, sales, presentations skills, brain fitness and personal effectiveness bring about immediate changes and long-term results. Professor Drempetich is also conducting life-skills seminars at the University of Zagreb since 2002.

He discovered his love and passion for yoga at the young age of 15 years while reading the Autobiography of a Yogi. In his own words “It was a truly liberating experience, the moment when I knew I found something of immense value, the moment when my inner urge for love, justice, compassion and morality found a philosophy and way of life which could be supported by my reason and logic – the yoga teaching and practice.” Since then he is practicing the Rajadiraja yoga system, a more extensive and comprehensive form of Ashtanga Yoga.

“If I would have to describe my life and development in one sentence I would say it is a story of seeking, discovering, systemizing and living more and more of the wisdom which lies inside myself.”

Steven JohnSteven John

Born in USA, with a bachelor’s degree in music from the University of Iowa and a more recent masters degree in Gestalt Psychotherapy, Steven has travelled widely teaching yoga and meditation for 35 years in various countries of the world, including Indonesia, Greece, Cyprus, Jordan, Serbia, Croatia, USA and Australia. He completed a yoga and meditation teacher’s training course in Kathmandu, Nepal and also in Benares, India at Seva Dharma Mission training centres in 1981/82 and in 1995. These courses were designed after the rigorous gurukula system incorporating intensive meditation and yoga sessions as well as periodic yogic fasting in accordance with the lunar cycle.

He has developed a thorough understanding of spiritual and socio-economic philosophy, while immersing himself in the study of Rajadhiraja yoga for several decades. He received training and guidance in teaching meditation and asanas, as well as holistic yoga therapy and diet. Devotional singing and kiirtan are particularly dear to Steven and he inspires all with his melodious voice. Prior to this, Steven studied and practiced Sivananda Yoga at the Divine Life Society Centre in Chicago in 1969-71. He also learned and practiced Transcendental Meditation from 1970-72.

In the 35 years of being a yoga and meditation teacher, Steven has facilitated philosophy, yoga and meditation classes, organized yoga and meditation workshops and retreats. As part of social service, he has taught meditation and yoga at a home for the disabled in Amman, Jordan, as well as in a prison in Greece. While in Greece, Steven helped with a relief team to provide food and clothing for earthquake-stricken peoples in the ‘mid-80’s. From 1996 until 2011, for 15 years, Steven has been working in Australia as project director of a primary school. As an outgrowth of his Gestalt Therapy studies, Steven facilitates a special Mantra therapy. He has recently completed his masters degree in Gestalt Psychotherapy in Australia.


Student Testimonials

1. Ganga has the rare ability to help people grow and transcend their limiting beliefs, always offering the right amount of challenge at every step. The training course was an incredible and deeply transforming experience for me. To be taught by Ganga was an absolute honour. I have never met anyone else with so much passion, wisdom, experience and knowledge – all combined in one person. I look forward to a lifetime of mentoring and guidance from Ganga. – Gabriele Hohenfels, Germany

2. I am full of gratitude having had the exceptional fortune to study and live as a part of the gurukula with Ganga for three full weeks! Ganga Grace is not only an advanced yogini herself but inspires others to move deep into their practice, effortlessly and with heart. She is a mature woman, grounded in her wisdom and has a wealth of knowledge which she selflessly and unreservedly shares with everyone. – Sarah Towsey, Australia

3. I feel absolutely blessed to have had the opportunity to spend 3 intense weeks in a secluded valley surrounded by the magnificently beautiful Himalayas among such hospitable, warm-hearted teachers and staff, to be pampered with the most delicious Indian food I can think of and on top of all of it to receive the most excellent, comprehensive, well-structured and informative training I could have ever hoped for. It was packed with great tips on teaching and personal practice – Ganga shared with us real gems of wisdom and insight. I can’t wait to go out and share it with others! – Paul Cockitt, UK

4. I thank our teacher Ganga with all my heart for sharing this path of awakening with us, in her uniquely personal approach: disciplined, all-embracing and loving. How exciting to practise yoga in these wonderful surroundings, in this well preserved nature! We had the perfect way to submerge ourselves in the spiritual work. Colours of the sea you hardly get to see anywhere else. Pure Water, pure air and the colours of all the beautiful flowers and trees around us. I especially loved the morning practise on the terrace of our house. But also the evening practise, the theory classes, the chanting and kirtan. And our conversations about life, swimming in this beautiful sea and the nice tasty food… I came back as a more loving person. With more love for life and all its aspects. – Deborah Leonetti, Switzerland

5. The training course provided me with an amazingly extensive foundation – enough to feed on for years. I am now a very happy and confident yoga teacher ready to go out and distribute the joy and inspiration of yoga to all. – Veronique Chevalier, France

6. I keep thanking the heavens for sending Ganga my way, whose mentoring and care is ongoing and truly inspirational. She is profound, well-rounded, compassionate and constantly showering her love and wisdom in innumerable ways. A truly remarkable human being and teacher. – Renata Prezzi, Italy

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+44 (0) 7969 157994



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himalayan yoga institutehimalayan yoga institutehimalayan yoga institutehimalayan yoga institutehimalayan yoga institutehimalayan yoga institute

To learn more about us please contact

+44 (0) 7969 157994



*And don’t forget to mention this site “YogaTrainingGuide.com” to receive $100 off your tuition