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  • May 13th, 2013
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200hr Vinyasa Teacher Training In Costa Rica 

Style: Vinyasa

Location: Costa Rica

Series: 200hr

Yoga Alliance: Yes

2013 Dates:

June 1 – 29

Aug 31 – Sept 28

Oct 5 – Nov 2

Nov 16 – Dec 14

Anamaya’s Yoga Teacher Trainings:

We provide a number of yoga trainings throughout the year for students who are looking to become certified yoga instructors, or for those who are looking to further deepen their own practice and knowledge. We are lucky to have outstanding yoga instructors hosting our trainings, and each program is uniquely designed to cater to a wide variety of clients. It’s important to read each syllabus to ensure you find the perfect program to meet your needs.

We will also take you on a few additional excursions including visiting some of the most stunning beaches in the world, a hike to the famous Montezuma Falls, and possibly some spontaneous outings that are sure to create lasting memories. Costa Rica is truly a tropical paradise.

Each Yoga Teacher Training will include:

  • One month accommodation (shared)
  • All classes needed for your teaching certification
  • 3 organic meals per day
  • Beach Excursions
  • Waterfall Hikes
  • Dance Party and/or a Circus Performance
  • Includes everything but your travel

Meet Our Wonderful Teachers:

Cain Carroll’s Bio

anamaya yoga retreat

Cain Carroll is prominent teacher of yoga, meditation and self-healing across the world. Since 1986, Cain has trained to a great extent under the leadership of well-known as well as hidden masters of Yoga, Daoism, Tantra and Buddhism. Cain’s explorations have allowed him to study in remote areas of Thailand , India, Nepal, China, Tibet, and South America, where he was given personal instruction and acquired initiations into many rare and powerful practices. Cain is also the author of a number of boks: “Partner Yoga: Making Contact for Physical, Emotional & Spiritual Growth” (Rodale 2000), “The Complete Book of Indian Mudras” (Singing Dragon 2012), and has created three instructional DVD’s: “Pain-Free Joints”, “Heal Neck & Shoulder Pain”, and “Digestive Power”. Cain appears on television regularly as AM Arizona’s yoga and health expert, he was the Director of Yoga Teacher Training at Southwest Institute of Healing Arts (Tempe, AZ), and he spent four years as the Yoga Director and the co-owner of Yoga Shala (Prescott, AZ). Cain is registered with Yoga Alliance at the ERYT 500 level.

Jackie Chiodo’s Bio

anamaya yoga

Jackie began her journey with practicing yoga in 1995 after an impairing neck injury from being in a car accident. What began as physical therapy, soon evolved into a mental, emotional and spiritual journey. Her style is a combination of each practise she has studied over the years and integrates exactp alignment of the tangible body with a breath established Vinyasa flow to connect each pose in a fluent way. Jackie is also an Ayurvedic practitioner and will tune into the elements of the season, the time of that particular day, and constitution (dosha) of everyone of her students to make sure that they receive not only what they desire but also what they really need for balance and complete change. Jackie is extremely passionate about yoga and it’s power to reshape ones life. She dedicates herself, and continues to educate herself, through regular study and practice. An instructor can only teach through true experience, so Jackie chooses to inspire and to motivate her fellow students by focusing on leading by example. She has acquired more than 2000 hours in certifications from a range of mentors of various styles, fundamentally inspired by: Shiva Rea, Charles and Lisa Matkin (Yoga Zone, NYC), Dharma Mittra, Yogi Hari, Seane Corn, Aadil Pakhilvala, and Tias Little. Jackie’s most recent place of study was at the Himalayan Institute (founded by Yoga Master Swami Rama), where she completed her 500 hour level. She has had an influence over thousands of students over the past decade and currently leads retreats, classes, workshops, and trainings in SW Florida (Joyful Yoga) as well as in Peru and Costa Rica.


“Just take this course. Leave considerations at the door, show up, feel everything, come away with more than you can anticipate. Expect big changes, some challenges, a deep love and the certainty that your life will be different – more open, more colorful, more brilliant. This is magical stuff.”

“Cain’s aptitude to reach the hearts of all his students is profound. He treats everyone with love and respect, pushing you further into your own path. His greatest gift as a teacher is perhaps the absence of ego in his teaching process. He makes the focus about the students and about the material. Cain provides the tools for students to do their own work. It is rare to find an instructor with an egoless approach. I try to model him in my own teachings. To put it another way – Cain has not changed my life, Cain has given me guidance, instruction and tools to change my own life.”

“Jackie has a special gift when it comes to sharing the ancient wisdom of Yoga and Ayurveda…I have never experienced such a transformation until I immersed myself with her for 3 weeks in Costa Rica! My life has completely shifted because of my time in her Teacher Training Program. Her passion for yoga and living it in a practical way is an inspiration to me. I highly recommend this program to anyone who is serious about tapping into their full potential through the study and practice of Yoga.”

“I am more prepared to meet whatever may happen in my life and meet it with grace. The most valuable tool that I took from this program was the practice of meeting my emotions, thoughts, beliefs, and concepts of ‘myself’ with a new awareness. Pain and fear no longer scare me like they did in the past.”

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