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At Yoga Training Guide, we are committed to growing your business by helping you sign up more students to your teacher trainings. Let us handle the marketing and student bookings with no upfront costs, and you do the rest.


Yoga Training Guide is a boon for my business! I am VERY happy to advertise my training with them and have earned some good results from doing so.”  Vidya Jacqueline Heisel E-RYT 500  Frog Lotus Yoga

I am quite satisfied with the enrollments coming through from your website and am glad we joined!” – Ganga Grace Himalayan Yoga Institute

Yoga Training Guide and Sergio provide a highly professional platform to share your teacher training program to the world.  The customer service that Sergio provides is stellar and he is exceptional at what he does.  He has a genuine love for teacher training programs and understands the student’s needs.”  – Sean Conley Amazing Yoga

How It Works

Step 1 – We generate leads

Step 2 – We promote your school

Step 3 – We sign up the student & make a commission

Step 4 – You get paid and have a new student

Note: This works best for schools that have 1 or 2 spots available and would like the extra revenue. We are not looking to fill any spots you can sale for full price on your own and you are always at liberty to tell us when you are full and we won’t promote that training.


Custom Profile

We build you a custom profile page on our site that informs the student about your school, curriculum, and teachers.

Upcoming Trainings

List all of your upcoming dates in our calendar.

Promote Your Articles

We’ll publish your articles on our site and promote them on Facebook to help drive more traffic and awareness about your school.

Offer Special Deals

Promote last-minute teacher training discounts to our 5000+ list of students.

Offer Webinars

With our webinars promotion, we’ll help students learn more about you and your program helping to increase more sign-ups to your teacher trainings.

Terms & Conditions

Commission – Yoga Training Guide makes between 20 to 30% commission of each sale. You get to decide the commission percentage you want to offer. Schools who offer a higher percentage receive extra promotional opportunities at no extra cost.

Payment – All payments are managed via PayPal and sent to Yoga Training Guide. Schools will be paid within 1-week of receipt.

Discounts & Offers – Any special discounts and offers that you promote on your own site or materials (i.e. “Save $400 if you sign up by this date”) must also be honored and listed on our site as well.


Can I speak with the student before they sign up?

Yes. If you need to qualify the student beforehand, we will arrange the discussion. All schools are notified prior to a student booking.

Who does the student pay?

All monies are paid to Yoga Training Guide via PayPal.

When do I get paid?

You get paid within 7 days of when we receive payment from the student and must have a PayPal account.

Can we offer a payment plan to the student?


Can you have the student fill out our application form?


How do you generate leads?

PPC, SEO, Facebook, and other methods.

Why is the commission so high?

Because we have our own expenses (marketing and customer service) and therefore do not make the entire commission.

Why would I want to offer more than 20% commission?

Schools who offer a higher percentage receive premium positioning in our recommendations and will be able to take advantage of other promotional opportunities at no extra cost.

Can I put a cap to how many students you can sign up?


Should I still be promoting my teacher trainings on my own?

Yes! We do not guarantee that we will sign up any students for you. You might get one, or you might get five. View our partnership as an extra to your own promotion and not a replacement to it.

What happens if the student contacts us after discovering our school through your site?

You need to direct them back to us. If we have proof via email that a student has been in contact with us, then you need to honor our agreement and allow us to handle the booking. If we discover you are not doing so, we will remove you from our site. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you!

What if the students cancels and needs to be refunded?

So long as it is within the terms and does not exceed the cancellation date, we will refund their money. Because you get paid within 7 days, you will need to refund us and we will refund them their entire amount.

Where are you located?

Los Angeles, CA – USA

Do you promote your site everywhere?

We generate leads from all over the world.

What happens if we cancel our TT?

Then just let us know and we won’t promote it. And yes, we can refund students money.

Can you just take our teacher training information from our site?

No. We need specific information from you that helps us match up students with the right school.

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