Making Money As A Yoga Teacher

How Your Beliefs May Be Keeping You Back From Succeeding

making money as a yoga teacherAfter you finish your yoga teacher training and start to ponder how you may go about building your business as a yoga teacher and making money, your are going to need to come clean with yourself about your belief structure and systems when it comes to making money. Many people within the yoga community have a negative belief system around money. And while this is totally understandable since so many negative issues are related to money (greed, stealing, lying, hardships, etc…) I think it is important that you actually take a closer look at money and what it is if you truly want to succeed and make money as a yoga teacher.

Is Money Evil?

The first thing we need to cover here is that money is not evil. Money itself is completely neutral and has no meaning whatsoever other then the meaning we as a society (and you as an individual) give it. Unfortunately because so many sad souls in the world have used money in a poor manner, it has given money a bad rap. The truth is, there is nothing wrong with money and there is nothing wrong with you making money as a yoga teacher.

You would only be doing yourself, your family, friends, and the community as a whole a disservice by believing that money is bad and evil and therefore subconsciously sabotage yourself to not make good money. The yoga community as a whole has a really poverty stricken belief system around making money when it should be the other way around. If more positive people have money then imagine the good things we could do with this? The only really “bad” thing about money is “how” it is used. And the people who have most of it are using it in a terrible way. But you should in no way take these instances and then establish a belief system that says, “Money is bad”

Feeling Guilty

One of the biggest issues most “nice” people have around making money is that they feel guilty. We have all come with this pre-wired notion that money is bad so we feel guilty if we make money. There are actually people out there that will sabotage themselves from succeeding because they do not want to be seen as flamboyant or financially successful in their circles because of how money is portrayed as being bad. This is absolutely absurd and if you are going to succeed as a yoga teacher, you need to throw this belief system out the window immediately! Asking to be paid for your services and requiring students to pay for your class is not a bad thing and you should not feel guilty.

Using the Power Of Money For Good

As a yoga teacher (or soon to be yoga teacher), you are going to be in one of the most powerful roles because you are going to be a guide and a teacher to help people (and therefore the world) heal and truly discover real health. You are going to have the opportunity to truly impact people’s lives by empowering them to stand tall, breathe deeply, and come from a place of joy and ease. As anyone knows who is reading this, yoga is one of the most powerful medicines and you as a yoga teacher are a deliverer of this medicine. So it only does everyone a disservice if you create negative beliefs around money, then have a hard time making money as a yoga teacher, and then cannot offer your gift to the world because you have to focus on just getting by.

Pushing Through Our Old Belief Systems About Money

I too used to have this belief structure when I was younger so I know what it is like. I grew up all my life seeing terrible people do terrible things with money. In fact, with what just recently happened on Wall Street and the bailouts, it is no wonder why we all have these belief systems around money. But as you go out into the world ready to offer your gifts and truly empower people to discover real health in their lives, I really cannot emphasize enough how imperative it is you establish a healthy relationship with money and get to any root issues that may be giving you a negative belief system around money.

Examples Of Using Money For Good

Take a look at Sean Corn and what she is doing with Off the Matt And Into the World. This is a great example of a teacher who has committed to making money as a yoga teacher but then committing to positive projects with this money. Remember, sometimes by you just having plenty of money so that your needs are met is enough so that you can donate your time. Think about it: if you have to always stress about money and just getting by, you wont have much time to offer others to participate in any donation based projects or groups.

You Deserve To Make A Lot Of Money

I want you to know that you deserve as much money as you want and I know that when you become successful and make a lot of money as a yoga teacher, you will do positive things with this money and you will show the world as a yoga teacher that good things can be done with money and that there is nothing wrong with it and that the only issue with money is “how” it has been used. Now is the time to change how money is used so after you finish your yoga teacher training, go out in the world and show them how a powerful yogi uses money!


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  1. nice. well spoken. i like how you started on negating the negative then ending on a positive and enhancing what has been done like Seane Corn’s off the mat program.

    by the way shiva rea also was the catalyst for the global mala (i think started in 2009) which raised hundreds of thousands globally for hundreds of charities around the planet which inspired me to commit a percentage of all my proceeds from these past 3 year tous (soul connnection tour 2009, staying wide awake 2010, + spirtual globalisation(tm) 2011)to local charities wherever i taught and then eventually created the Butterfly Effect Tour that was initiated from the gulf spill. and there’s also Yoga Aid ( that offers 108 salutations led by several teachers donating their time to raise funds in local communities. these events are usually taking places at major festivals and conferences globally too.

    it’s nice to mention a few more programs like these, where making money was a very very very positive affect for several thousands and for us to continue to share positive ways in which money created and exchanged between those with pure + conscious intentions.

    in fact i carried around a photo of laksmi (the goddess of material and spiritual wealth and abundance, beauty, and fertility) for years in hopes that she would bless me with abundance as i knew that the more i made the more i could give away or to help create positive change. and i she gifted me and my organisation in so many ways i had never imagined…and so many i will never meet who are affected by the resources we were able to manifest through our pure intentions.

    Butterfly Effect Tour |
    Global Mala Project |
    Yoga Aid |

    also….i don’t usually emphasize the negative first, and start with the positive first in my teachings or even my life. but i like how you addressed that this, as that’s how many yoga teachers come to making money …related to a negative belief. true. i too did. and then realised that in this world we use money as a representation of our energy. that is what those dollar bills are and the coins. they are symbols of our actual energy spent. our time invested. or moments of our lives spent in activation of some sort whether that was in work, creating, serving (even resting)…and the exchange of those moments is a value that someone else put on that time….based on their investment on their time spent, creating, serving, etc. so in actuality it’s a continual looping of exchange of giving and receiving and valuing each other’s lives lived. yes? (did i loop that well enough for you 😉

    so when thought of in that way..there is no bad or good. it just us. a rather tantric approach.

    may we all be abundant as it is meant to be in order to serve our goddess-given birthright of happiness and joy….in whatever form that the goddess chooses to offer it to us and we choose to desire and request and co-create with her.

    om laksmaye namaha!

    • shannon says:

      This is a great article and was having the same issues myself in terms of putting money into perspective. I can definitely confirm that I have a negative belief around money and have a hard time asking people to pay me for my classes. On the one hand I just want to give it all away for free. On the other hand I need to sustain myself. Thank you so much for these wonderful comments and suggestions. They all ring very true. And Twee, you are right about our time is an investment and money (for now) is the reflection of this time and energy. I am going to start shifting my beliefs right now!


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